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SleepGuard is a marriage saver!

Finally a snoring product that works like it says it does. Me and my husband had nearly given up trying to find ways to either stop or reduce my snoring which was badly affecting our sleep. The SleepGuard was probably my last chance and around a week after starting using it my snoring has stopped completely. It did take a short while to get used to it but I don't notice I'm wearing it now. We are both very happy with this product and a lot less grumpy in the mornings!

Lisa Peterson,  South London

Highly effective, no side effects

I was somewhat sceptical about this product, but decided to give it a go, particularly as there is a money back guarantee. Having tried it now for two weeks, I have to say it works exactly as stated. It was very straightforward to mould it to my teeth, following the simple instructions, and having used it every night I have had no problems at all. The snoring has been completely eliminated and I no longer suffer from a dry throat as a result of breathing through my mouth. Highly recommended.

Ashu Chowdhry,  Manchester

At last a cure…

Being an eternal sceptic I didn't think the SleepGuard would work (plus various other methods had been tried without success) but decided to give it a go as my snoring was keeping me awake as much as my wife. Amazingly the first night I put it in no snoring and every night since (must have been using it for a month by now) no snoring. It may not work for everyone but its stopped my snoring dead in its tracks and with a 30 day money back guarantee it’s got to be worth a go.

David Locke, York

It has stopped my snoring

This snore aid cut my snoring noise right down after a few days of use and after 2 weeks my snoring stopped completely. One handy tip is to make sure that you fit it correctly as the first time I used it I didn't fit it right and it didn't work until I refitted the SleepGuard. Once I fitted it correctly it started working and I now sleep right through the night. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!

John P, Brighton

Snore no more!

I must say that I was dubious that this product would work, but as previous reviewers have stated, why not buy and try, as you can get your money back!  had to re-mould mine a couple of times to my bite, and it did take a few nights to get used to, but now after about a month of use, I must say that my sleep has improved and I have STOPPED snoring. Much to the relief of my boyfriend.  I am a lady in her early thirties, who bought this really for my boyfriend's benefit. He had little sleep due to my snoring. I hated making him tired and grumpy due to my noisy sleeping... So now we are both happier! Highly recommended for all!

Jessica Relts, Croydon